Sunday, September 30, 2007

Warm Head

The weather seems to finally be cooling down. Autumn is my favorite part of year. Cool night, but days warm enough to just need a light sweater (like my new duster!). So, despite a basement flood (so that everything that went through the upstairs kitchen sink and garbage disposal ended up on the basement floor and was not discover for up to 7 days, yeah, gross!), we spent a good deal of time outside enjoying the weather. Lots of time in the sandbox and biking. I thought I'd post pictures of my two latest warm projects. I am still chugging along on the cobblestone (working on the second sleeve).

Here is the Black Sea Hat (by grumperina) that I made on the way home from the Jets game last weekend. I made it using a dk weight wool I bought cheap at Joanns (I think it is a store brand) and hematite beads (6/0 size). I am loving it!!

And here is my calorimetry. I'd been dying to make one sinc eI first saw the pattern, but never had yarn for it. I got this skein of yarn (it was Berroco Jasper in ) from a swap with a fellow knittyhead. It is the softest ever! The button is great, though you can't see it. It is a silver oval with a little figure playing a flute. Very cave man like!!

Back tomorrow with my blogstalker assignment: how I go from place to place!