Sunday, September 9, 2007

School days

Well, you might think with the kids in school I'd have more time to keep my blog up to date. I would have thought that too!! But I find myself frantically trying to run errands, clean the house, and do little projects I've put off. Hardly any extra knitting, but I've squeezed in a few extra each day. I regrouted my kitchen counters, which are tile. NOT a kid-friendly counter top. Not great, but it looks a lot better. I'll finish that this week. I also hung these roman shades on your 3 bedroom window, 2 study windows, and 2 dining room windows. I wouldn't have gotten these, but they were on clearance at my Kmart for $4.00 each!!! They look a lot nicer than the old curtains which were left by the woman who lived here before. They were really nicer quality, just not my tastes.

I've also been busy with PTO stuff. I am in charge of assigning room parents to each class and assembling lists for each room parent of other parents who will help out with parties. With the privacy laws, we can only give the names and numbers of parents who give us permission. So some classes have 10 parents willing to help. One class has ONE. That poor poor lady. Hopefully more will sign up at the open house next week.

As for knitting, I made another sample knit bag. Done in the round from the center in. Very cool design. It was in the silk yarn but in 4 different colors which was pretty. It worked up pretty quickly, though my needles are now purple. I also have been making button hats like a fiend. And I just finished (all but the neckband) of a sweater for Abby's 18" doll (American Girl look-alike, named Kathleen). Lastly, I have been working on my Tilted Duster. More on that, including a picture of progress,

Since I hate posts without pics, but don't have one, here is a movie for your viewing pleasure!!