Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogstalker: Who Am I?

What fun this will be! All of us knitty blogstalkers will answer a question or post a photo on a certain subject each week. I am looking forward to being stalked and stalking others (never thought I'd say THAT!). The first assignment is to answer the Who am I question. First a few easy ones. Oh and can I say that 3 posts in one day.....I think I have a problem!!

I'm Rachel. I'm 32 (had to actually think on this for a minute!). I graduated from Providence College in RI in 1997 with a BS in Biology and BA in Chemistry. Yes. Science nerd. Then I got married that July to my sweetie of 5 years.

We began dating my junior and his senior year of high school. He was in the Army stationed in NC at Fort Bragg. I started grad school at UNC-CH that fall. I did my grad school work in the lab of Jack Griffith. I studied telomeres, which are the ends of chromosomes. I used electron microscopy to study their structure (loops, which we named t-loops). If you are still interested, why?! But seriously it is interesting and you can read more here and here and here. I had my daughter Abby in 2001 and just a few months after got my PhD. I wrote my dissertation while on bedrest for preterm labor! I worked as a postdoc at Duke briefly before deciding I could be a great mom OR a great scientist, but did not want to be a good mom and good scientist. So I quit when I was a few months pregnant with my son PJ who was born 16 months after his sis in 2002.
I didn't start knitting until after PJ was born. They would nap in the morning at the same time (I miss that!!) and I began to crochet and then knit. We moved back to Vernon where I grew up. We are diagonal backyard neighbors to my folks and my sister is two more houses away. Practically a commune I know!

Now, Wook and I have been married over 10 years, together for 15. Abby is 6 and PJ almost 5. He is in school half days and she is all day. So, I find myself with a bit of free time again. I fill it with errands, cleaning, and knitting. I also recently began to work knitting samples. Getting paid for knitting. Could it be any better. Well, I could make enough to not need an actual job next year!!! So, that is me in a nutshell.