Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Getaway!

Well, Wook and I enjoyed a weekend away in beautiful NJ (hee hee). Seriously though. We stayed at the Hilton in Hasbrouck Heights near the Meadowlands Friday and Saturday nights. It was a nice hotel, comfy, and we had a view from the room of the NYC skyline. Also got to see the Miami Dolphins who were staying at the hotel Saturday night!! It was great though because Paul had worked in NYC for a bit over two weeks last spring. He was between jobs (old company went bankrupt in spectacular fashion) and was offer this contract. Anyways, he stayed on their dime at a Hilton hotel (embassy suites) in Time Square. Which on a side note is a GREAT hotel with kids. It is right in Times Square and had two good sized rooms. We (the kids and I) spent about half the time there with him. So, long story long, we had enough Hilton points that this stay was free. Except for the $20 pot of coffee at 10:30 on Saturday night!

Then, the game on Sunday. Which we won. Phew. It was fun, though the guy next to us smelled bad. And the guy on the other side thought it was okay to be partly in my seat. Still, really fun. And here is a pic from my seat with Wook' s phone cam.

As you can imagine, LOTS O' KNITTING took place. I got 3 of PJ's 4 birthday dinosaurs knit. Just need to knit the stegasaurus and put them all together. I finished 2/3 of a Misty Gardenscarf. It is lacy and fuzzy and I like it way more than I usually like lacey or fuzzy things! Promise a pic later. And I knit myself a Black Sea hat with hematite beads. So pretty. Pics later, I swear!! Time to get Abby to school. They, in case you are wondering, had a FAB time with Grama and Grandpa. Went to the Big E, made birthday cupcakes with Auntie Connie, went to 3 tag sales, saw Aunt Tina and Uncle Dave. All good.