Saturday, September 1, 2007

First of a few FOs

Edited today to add this picture : Here is one of 3 button hats I made this weekend. These were a big seller last year at the craft fair that I did. I made one dinosaur (that is the picture), one ladybug, and one vehicles. (and just have to say, is my sweetie not the cutest!)
Well, I finally put batteries in the camera. I swear someone is taking it out at night because I JUST changed them. Anywho, I took Little Red out for a photo shoot. If you remember, Little Red was requested by Wook's aunt for her granddaughter (Wook's cousin). Lucy will be 2 in December.
I'm less than thrilled with the feet and am considering doing something to them. She still needs some ribbon added for a belt and around the wrists, but she is very cuddly and very sweet I think!

I'm hoping to get pictures of both the Cambridge Jacket (still sans zipper) and my own designed striped sweater (also no zipper) tonight. So, check back tomorrow!!