Friday, October 5, 2007

Dirty Water

Sorry for the long delay without a post. This is why:
Not to get to into the details, but that sink is right below our kitchen sink. Somewhere after that sink the line clogged and backed up into the basement sink. Kitchen sink worked fine. And we seldom go into the basement since the washer and dryer moved upstairs. So, we went to watch a movie down there on Sautrday to be confronted by THAT! And it isn't just water. That is the lovely part. The kitchen sink has a....(wait for it)....garbage disposal. So the water was full of chewed up yuck and lots of coffe grounds. EWWW. So, we had to go through and write down everything that was destroyed as well as take photos. And of course clean the stench out. It is almost ok now. Now we deal with the insurance. Three boxes of books (wah!), my husband's new projector screen, and some misc computer bits.

I have been knitting my sorrows away. I knit two sample hats. Very cute (of course I had to try them on!). I am also on the decrease rows of Wook's Cobblestone sweater. Hope to finish it over the weekend. Because on Monday, I start working. Like for money! I'll be working ~30 hours a week as a junior editor. So, all at home. All my hours. Just need to find 30 of them!! Yikes!!!!!!! But money is good, and there is a good chance I can advance to a higher position. The company is all from home which is great. So, much less knitting time at least until I get settled into a new routine. Wish me luck. No, wish me sanity!