Thursday, August 2, 2007

Surprise Day!

Yesterday, Wook called from work to tell me to not make any plans for today. He said my mom was going to stay home and watch the kids and we were doing something. Well, this morning he tells me to don my Red Sox shirt, because we were off to Fenway! Yippee!! So, after dropping the kids off at swim class, we drove to the T and were there to watch a great game. Back to back homers and some great fielding by Coco. Plus, the first pitching appearance by Gagne since the trade on Tuesday. And we won. It was a great surprise date and we had a blast. Oh, but can I mention the guy next to me. Very nice, but a beer an inning? Really? Does that seem like a good plan?? Plus, at $7 a pop..... I'm just saying, really??!!

As for knitting, I finished a really pretty sample knit in recycled silk yarn (all but the cast off). It is very pretty and the yarn is more of a purple than the red I am used to. I also just started Wook's sweater. I decided to go with the Cambridge Jacket designed by Ann Budd. It is in the summer 2006 issue of IK. It is simple, but a bit different with the ribs and shaping. I am using good old Paton's merino in a creamy tanish color. I plan to use a nice red zipper for contrast, but we'll see as it goes. I'll take a picture when I get a bit further.