Saturday, August 18, 2007

RAK and more little stuff

First, the RAK (that is a random act of kindness). There is a great blog named good karma yarn. The whole idea is to find homes for patterns and yarny goodness that you know longer want or need. I dropped by after reading about it on the knittyboard. Much to my disbelief, a wonderful woman named Dotty had posted the Jean Greenhowe toy knit book that both kids had been begging me to get. Clowns. I am NOT a clown person. To tell you the truth, they creep me out (thanks to Tim Curry and Steven King). But they thought they were so cute. The books, though, are a bit hard to find and ordering them online was pricey. So, I replied and then, not hearing back, assumed it had found another happy home. So, how surprised and thrilled was I to get the email yesterday that I was going to be given the book!!! It is on its way to me and I can't wait to surprise the kids this Christmas!! I was also given a pattern I had been eyeing for P for his birthday, the sleepy snake and the mischievious mouse. If you have not seen this adorable pattern, stop reading now and follow the link. Go ahead, I'll wait. Adorable beyond words right?! Knittyhead Roxy gave it to me (even though I had offered to swap something in exchange). Big hugs to Roxy!!!

So, after so much kindness, I was having a good feeling day. Then, Wook buys a $10 Red Sox scratchy ticket and wins $50!! He tells me to go to the yarn store and buy yarn for the Tilted Duster (scroll down a bit) which I have been drooling over. I bought 3 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool in a yummy chocolate brown (I'll need about 2.5 so will have some left hopefully for a hat or mittens). Is he not the very best? Top that off with the kids playing without any (seriously) arguements all day and it was like it was my birthday!! I told Wook it was a gift for his last day of vacation. He goes home tomorrow (boo). But we stay through Thursday and my folks will be here for the rest of the time.

So, what did I knit? I finished and felted the booties. I knit and felted an earwarmer for A in leftovers that she picked out. I knit 2 different earwarmers with leftover Malabrigo from Genes. I plan to post the patterns once I get pictures. And, I started designing a jacket-style zip cardigan pattern. I hope to make that pattern available too (assuming it comes out nicely). I'll give more details as I go along. So far it will have seed stitch trim, will be striped, and have a fitted waist.

Here's hoping you had a great day too and that tomorrow is even brighter!