Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still no pictures, but an update

Well, we are still away, so no pictures. The vacation has been very nice so far. Lots of relaxing and hanging around. We've been fishing everyday and all of us have caughter something. Wook caughter a good size bass and the kids and I have caught small ones. I am still not convinced that all 3 of us didn't catch the same not so bright fish! I am both looking forward to the kids going back to school (for a bit of a breather) and sad about them going. They are starting to get a bit excited. I'm sure they'll get excited once we get home and start getting their school things ready. P got a new dinosaur backpack. A got a red sox lunch box. And of course both have all new pencils and crayons.

After a momentary crisis when my IK disappeared (I was saved by another knittyhead who posted the needed info), I finished all but 1/2 of one sleeve of Wook's Cambridge Jacket. Why stop now, you may ask? Because I ran out of yarn. Yup. And I can't get more until we get home late next week. So, I knit all the pieces for the red riding hood doll for Wook's cousin's daughter Lucy. And now I am making a pair of felted bunny slippers. If they come out they will be too cute for words!! Wook thinks he has figured out his cell phone camera, so you may get pictures of all these things tomorrow.