Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cambridge Jacket - almost done!

Well, it fits! My fear, especially after knitting a large project, is that it won't fit the person it should. But Cambridge fits Wook nicely. A bit roomy which is what I wanted. It justs needs the zipper and collar. Since it is tan, I was thinking of a red or blue zipper. Something bright and contrasting. Wook had agreed. So today I showed him a few I had. Blue, orange, and red.

Me: Do you like any of these?
Wook: No, I was thinking of something not quite so bright.
Me: Like what?
Wook: Brown or white.
Me: I thought you wanted a contrasting zipper.
Wook: Yeah, I do.

Hee! Well, at least we had this discussion BEFORE I bought the zipper!!!

I also finished the Red Riding Hood doll (pictures tomorrow). And, I went through my almost done pile and got it cleaned out. It's the pile for things that need one more bit of work. It had 3 pairs of mittens waiting for antennae, 2 ladybugs waiting for spots and stuffing, and 4 mice waiting for stuffing, ears to be attached, and tails. All but 2 mice are finished.

First day of school tomorrow!! Early to bed for what is sure to be an exciting day. I drop A off it the morning. P has to get two shots before he can go (they are technically 5 year old shots, but the school requires them to enter Kindergarten even if you aren't yet five. Go figure). Then he goes to school after lunch. I am trying to think of something fun to do after school, but haven't had any ideas yet. Depends on the weather and how beat A is!!