Thursday, June 7, 2007

Silk yarn

I just finished knitting my first sample project. It wasn't really different to be knitting a sample (for me anyway). Most of my projects are wither made as gifts or to sell, so my mindset was the same. I'll take a picture of the sample and (with permission) post it. It was made with recycled sari yarn. It's a beautiful yarn, though different to work with than other yarns. To me it is on the heavy side and has little give. But the sheen and the gorgeous colors make it fun to work with. I love seeing how the colors all come together in the end.

And now what!!! I have so many projects to begin! I am thinking of making myself a quick tank since the other projects are wintery and won't be useful for awhile. So, I think I'll dig out this tank pattern and give it a go with some inexpensive purple tweedy yarn I have around. It is from the summer 07 IK and was designed by Angela Hahn. Seems like a nice simple knit, done in the round from the bottom up.

But first, today I need to make a certain animal on the sewing machine for my nephew's second birthday on Saturday. I tried to start the other day and my sewing machine punished me for not using it enough by breaking the needle after less than 2 minutes. I apologized and bought it 4 new needles. Hopefully it has forgiven me! I'll post a picture tonight when it is done. Becasue it WILL be done!