Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back for a bit

Hi all! I am back from our Father's day trip to the Cape. It was nice, as always. We got the boat in and out without any major issues (phew!). We went out of the Cove and had a picnic in the boat near Nauset Beach. Then, we saw a seal! The kids were thrilled! Spent the rest of the time just relaxing and hanging around. I finished up the wazy scarf, got a bunch done on the vest (up to the armholes on the front), and made the pieces for two owls using the pattern designed by Crafty alien. Pictures will be up soon of all this stuff. If you haven't seen the little critters designed by crafty alien go search etsy RIGHT NOW! They are so darn cute. I got the owl pattern from a wonderful knitty member. If they turn out well, I will have to go back and buy some of the others (especially the cats). Well, off to the pool before the afternoon rainstorm begins. I'll get those pictures up tonight or tomorrow. We are back at the Cape come Wednesday after A's LAST day in Kindergarten. WAH! I don't want her ot go to school all day. All day school just stinks!!!!!!