Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Picture is Worth, well, At Least a Few Words

Here are the pictures of some recent work.

Here is the progress on T's vest. I'm just at the armhole of the front.

I also finished a Wavy scarf, from Knitty, in pink Cascade 220. I made it thinner (24 sts I think) but nice and long. About 1 skein I think. And I have an excuse for the way I look. I just got out of the swimming pool and it is 85 degrees outside!!

And last but not least, a felted bowl. The yarn is Lopi that I dyed in a swirly purple using blue and pink dyes (overdying). I used two strands together throughout on 10s. We picked out a few little things and are going to give it to A's teacher for an end of the year gift.