Friday, June 8, 2007

Grumble grumble GRRR

Well, tha tank will have to wait. I got up about 2 inches before I realized I had twisted it during the joining. Now, being annoyed with the yarn (since it surely was the YARN's fault and not my own!!) I decided to cast on for the oversized caridgan I had bought some yarn for back on Mother's Day. It was SUPPOSED to give the right gauge, but unless I want a see through cardi, it wasn't happening. I was getting a relatively open 15 stiches per inch and the pattern calls for 10. Grr and double grr!!!
The saving grace was that I got a great fabric at 17 stitches per inch, exacly what I needed for the vest I was planning to make my stepdad to replace the one I made him last year. I had brought it with me to a craft show as an example, but a woman offered me $75 and I couldn't refuse (the yarn had been a find at an estate sale for $1. I'm taking 100% hadnspun at a local farm, still had the bands on. The woman who had bought it, and passed away, must have been rolling in her grave). Anyway, I cast on and knit 2 rows before bedtime. Not much progress after 2 failed attempts to start but heh, better than nothing. I am expecting 2 more projects to knit for samples any time, so the vest will probably take awhile. Here is the one I am making:

I told him not to be offended that I am making him an old man vest! Hee Hee!!

The other completed project was a sock monkey for my nephew T's 2nd birthday. The party is Saturday. My sewing machine needle broke and after running out for a new one (actually 4 so that won't happen again!) I got him finished. I just love these guys. The kits are sold at Joann's and have all the you need. They come out great and don't take very long. Here he is!!

I'll have to start a second, daytime, project since the vest is too thought-intensive for the sandbox and playground. I've been designing a cute cabled hat, so maybe I'll get that started. Wait and see!