Monday, June 11, 2007

A bit of Progress

Well, the camera is back to life. Turns out the memory card is dead. How does that happen? Anyway, I had the little memory card that came with the camera so I can still take a few pictures.

A bit of progress was made yesterday on T's vest. I really wish the men in my life could be smalls or mediums! But no, I'm knitting the 53.5 inch size. Yes, that is the XL. Well, at least there are no sleeves, right? I really like the way it is turning out. I'm using Cascade Ecological Yarn. It comes in huge 450 yd skeins of beautiful natural wool colors. The cables are standing out well, so I am pleased!
I got a great deal on some wool this morning while I was at Walmart buying my kids an air conditioner for their bedroom. They had 6 balls of Lion Wool in natural for $1 a piece. That is 900 yards for $6. I'm figuring it will be great to dye and make a ton of mittens and hats for the kids and for the craft sale I do in November. So much to knit!