Sunday, July 29, 2007

Squatty Sidekick

No, not me. This is the name of the pattern for a really cute felted bag. I made two this weekend. The great thing (or one of the great things) about it, is it uses less than a skein of Cascade 220 and is great for the random color skeins that I seem to collect. Also great to make stripey with the leftovers from each bag. Pink bag was left drying at the Cape (oops) but this one is here and ready for the camera. All I need to do is pick the perfect button.We had lots of fun at the Cape this weekend. The kids and I met Rosemary Wells of Max and Ruby fame. Both kids picked a book and had it signed. They even posed for a picture! I am ALMOST at the end of T's vest. Just about 10 more rows. I will take a picture tomorrow of the finished front (how is that for optimism!). And I started a scarf size clapotis with a skein of CTH Foxy Lady worsted weight silk/merino. Oh, ah, lovely.