Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A long weekend

Well, my sister's wedding was beautiful. It was at Jonathon Edwards Winery in North Stonington , CT. Just beautiful. I had my hair done (first time, and what fun!!). With a little free time on Friday after the rehersal and dinner and on Saturday before my hair appointment, I made myself a Tomato from No Sheep For You!! I didn't have enough of any one cotton. But then I thought STRIPES!!

I used TLC Plus, less than 1 skein each of mint, cream, and pink. I just alternated 2 rows of each following the smallest size. I'd read to build in negative ease. The 31.5 fit me perfect (I'm about a 35"). I love it!!! (goofy pic was taken by A)

I also promised a picture of these critters. Owls from crafty alien over on etsy. I got this pattern from a very sweet knittyhead and now think I must buy others to build a little forest family! The only change was to use fabric paint for eyes and beak (my kids would tear the glued on stuff right back off!!)