Friday, July 20, 2007

Safety Town

P graduated form Safetytown today. This is a week long program (1.5 hr a day) where kids entering Kindergarten learn about fire, bus, etc safety. They practice street signs by riding big wheels in a pretend town. They go for a bus ride, sit in a fire truck, and get to turn on the police sirens. They use this really neat pretend phone system to practice calling 911. A went last year and I went more years ago then I care to remember. I still remember when I went! So, here is P on graduation day.On the knitting front, I have overcome my lethargy and am back to working on T's vest. I am about halfway to the armholes. I keep telling myself that I'll be done soon. It's funny. I actually enjoy knitting on it until I look and see that an evening of work (from the kids bedtime at 7:30 to mine at 9:30) consists of about 1 inch!! Maybe a bit more. Ah well. At least there aren't sleeves! I promise a pic of the progress tomorrow. Though I hope to grab Harry Potter out of my husband's hands and may make little knitting progress this weekend!