Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ack, a Whole Week!

The last week has been crazy around these parts. Spent the weekend knit time reading Harry Potter. I really enjoyed it. I am trudging along on T's Hand-in-Hand Cable vest from Summer IK. Just got to the armholes last night, so the end is in sight. I'll take a picture if I can find that camera.... I also made an adorable bag. I can't recall where I got the pattern, but it might have been knitting daily. It is a felted handbag made from just under 1 skein of Cascade 220. I just adore it. Took me two days of swim class to finish it up. It is drying and still needs just the right button! Promise to take pictures when I get back (yup, the Cape. yup, again). Since I hate no pic posts, here is one of P that was in the paper this week from his time in Safety Town. And just so A doesn't feel left out, here is one I took of her watching the Safety town graduation.