Sunday, May 6, 2007

Done! Now what!!

I don't know about other knitters, but there is a certain feeling after finishing a project. I just love it. There is a bit of nervous energy as the recipient tries it on (will it fit?). A bit of tension about how they will react (will it be loved?). And a sense of completion (thank god that is over!). But then there is the nagging voice that says, "Okay. NOW WHAT!!!!" And I look at all the projects I want to do and all the patterns I have printed, marked, or otherwise devised and am completely and utterly overwhelmed. So, normally after finishing a few longer projects as I have recently, I'll move on to a few quick and easy knits. Usually hats or mittens. Maybe a scarf or a stuffed toy. I find myself in this land again. Made harder by the fact that I have a bunch of very nice yarns, all ones I have never tried, that I got from swaps. Enough for some socks, maybe a scarf or two. But I am waiting for them to tell me what they want to be. So, the question of what to knit is on my mind. I better decide soon. Bedtime is only an hour away!! But, for now, I will be content to show you the finished works.
A's cabled sweater
Yarn: ON line Linie 44 - Ravenna, Angel Blue (from elann)
Pattern: The Yarn Girl's Guide to Older Kid Knits (got at the library, but MUST FIND)
Changes: I did the size 8-9 (so it will be sure to fit and be roomy next winter), but gave an extra inch in length (A's long torso) and sleeves (better to roll than risk it being short). Still needs blocking. I'll get a picture of it on after it is blocked.

My Keyhole Top

Yarn: Plymouth Yarns Bella Colour - Lavender and Lace (from discontinued yarn)

Pattern: Interweave Knits Spring 2007

Changes: I made it about 1 inch shorter, otherwise none! Still needs blocking, sewing in ends, and buttons!