Thursday, May 17, 2007

Butterflies and Beauty

Well, yesterday I decided that the 3 skeins of very yummy Malabrigo I got from a swap buddy on Knitty wants to be a cropped cardigan. It will have a cable running up front on each side of the button band. It is my own design, though the cable isn't. For now, you can see this...but I won't tell which cable it is until I'm all done!Here is hoping I don't run out of yarn before I finish!!! My sweet Wook is just glad I am no longer fondling this yarn. Ah, but he doesn't know that knitting with it is even better.

And to give you a moment of beauty, here is one of the painted lady butterflies we released the other day. A got a kit with 8 caterpillers for her birthday and all 8 made it to freedom. This pic is the best!