Sunday, April 15, 2007

A place to begin

Well, at the beginning of course! After a few months of reading the blogs of others, I have decided it is time to join the ranks of the blogfull (as opposed to the blogless). I'm hoping it will help me keep track of the projects I am doing, planning, have done, or have destroyed. More on the projects later... My current project is Kate Gilbert's Keyhole Top knit with Plymouth Yarns Bella Colour in Lavender in Lace that I got here.

As for destruction, it is painful to frog. I knit a cable sweater for myself a few months back. Well, okay, it was in December on the way to a Jets game. Anyway, it came out very pretty until I put it on. When even my sweet Wook (my husband of 10 years) couldn't think of anything positive without a "Um, (long pause), it came out really well, " I knew where it was heading. Not to my dresser or closet. No, it was doomed to the frog pile. The frog pile is a hidden place in the back of my small closet. It is a place where only Merlin the Magical Cat dares to tred. So, today during girl time with my 6 year old (almost) daughter, I asked if she wanted to help with a project, which of course she did.

Very crafty that one. But in a good way! So, we pulled out the sweater and began to frog together. It took an hour. It was one of the nicest hours we have spent together. She asked what I was going to do with the yarn and I said I had no idea. She asked if I could use it for her. We looked through The Yarn Girl's Guide to Older Kid Knits and she loved this:

Amazingly, it was the right gauge and everything. What could I say but of course! And of course little brother MUST have a matching one in either green or blue. Luckily I have until next winter!