Monday, April 16, 2007

It's a Jungle Out Here!

Today is the first day of April break and the kids and I were treated to lunch by Auntie at Rainforest Cafe. I've never been before, so I was as excited as the kids. We got there just as it opened. And thank goodness. Since it is school vacation week around here it was insanity! We sat next to the gorillas and every 15 minutes there was a "thunderstorm." The gorillas shoke the trees, the monkeys swung, and the elephants trumpeted! Afterwards, we walked around a bit. Auntie decided to treat the kids to one of the smaller Build-A-Bear animals. P picked a puppy (of course) and A picked a Koala. As for names, also no surprise. A likes to name all animals in the most creative way. For example, the koala's name is Koala (notice the bows). Ah, well. At least I seem like a great mom since I always remember her animals' names. P decided his puppy's name is Woof. They are cute as can be and a very nice surprise. They are both always gawking at the store when we go to the mall (which is as little as humanly possible).

As for knitting, I managed to squeeze in a bit on the 30 minute car ride. I finished the body/head of one side of the topsy turvy doll. It is wearing a blue dress with a blue mohair stripe at the waist. Then I began the second body/head in pink and got as far as the head. So, it is moving along. I have until the end of the month so I will be done with plenty of time. I even bought a bag of random ribbon at AC Moore for $1 so I can decorate the dresses when it is finished. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I hope to get the right back of the Keyhole finished. I'll take a pic of my progress tomorrow.