Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dream job

Well, I had some excited news today. I was asked to be a sample knitter! I'll give more details when I have them. But for now, what could be better than getting paid to knit! I'm looking forward to the challenge.

On the home front, we had a great day spent almost entirely at the library. There was a short break for lunch at home, which we spent finishing a Bobbsey Twins book. A and P both got to have a snake around their necks inthe afternoon. I got to knit for an uninterrupted hour inthe morning and another in the afternoon. So, I finished both sets of arms for A's doll. Now, I have the dresses and a whole lot of finishing. Here is what it looks like:

They get put together and the dress along the seam. It should be really cute. I'm hoping to finish the knitting by the weekend and then have fun decorating it.