Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the road

We were on the road to our home away from home in Eastham on the Cape. Well, it is my folks place, but it feels like home. We usually stop for a walk along the way, but since the Nor'easter is still all around us, that was out of the question. Using McDonald's very cool map, I found one with a playplace and we made good use of it. They played and made new friends while I knit for an hour! All left happy. A and P are not big fans of the food, but love the toys (this was their third visit).

So, yesterday I jinxed myself. The doll was going quickly until I cast on the first of 2 dress pieces. Each is 144 sts to cast on and then 9 inches of st st. On size 4s. Endless. Mindless. So I switched back to my keyhole tunic. Finished the right side back. At McD's I almost finished the left back. So, progress is coming. I've brought both projects plus a bag of other stuff just in case. I mean, you never know, right? We will be here through the weekend. Wook and the folks join us late Friday (poor guys all have to work). My sis and her husband are also heading up. So, with all those people, the kids will be plenty occupied and I may just squeeze in some extra knitting. Well, a girl can dream, right!!